Master Boot Fitters

Flatiron Sports Master Boot FitterWith good snow on the ground, and the shop all stocked up and ready to go, the master boot fitters at Flatiron Sports have had some time to really explore the fit, features, and performance of the new boots for this season. Each of our manufacturers (Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, and Tecnica) make dozens of different models, and one of the most important tasks we have as boot fitters is to choose the correct models from each manufacturer to fill a specific niche in our boot lineup, based on fit and performance.

We have many boots in our lineup. Keep in mind that although we can give a general description of the features and fit of some of the boots, it is not until a professional boot fitter makes a complete assessment of your foot that a model can be selected. Flatiron Ski Boot Fitter SpecialistsThe coolest features in the world mean nothing if the shape of the boot doesn’t match the shape of your foot. That is our job. We are fortunate at Flatiron to have three Certified Master Bootfitters, with many, many years of experience. Boot fitting is what we do here, and we are very good at it. Come visit us to see how we can help you ski better and have more fun!

Here is some general information about a wide selection of modern ski boots.  The “flex” rating of a boot largely determines the relative performance you will get from the boot. In general, stiffer boots offer higher performance, especially for bigger, stronger skiers. Keep in mind that with modern ski techniques and our new, fatter skis, the amount of forward flex a boot has is less critical than back in the day…many of us have gone to a somewhat softer boot. Some boots feature a hike/ski cuff release and Sensor Grid shell construction for better lateral control, and very grippy soles. Custom Shell boots allow us to heat the shell to truly custom mold the shell as well as the liner to the skiers foot. This gives not only a great “comfort” fit, but also offers great foot feel and sensitivity. If you have any questions regarding how we fit these boots, please ask…we have spent many hours perfecting the molding technique, and love working with this kind of boot. Like any ski boot, this fit is not for every foot, but when it is, these boots sure ski great!

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