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Mountain Bike Rental Crested Butte – Pedal through Paradise

Mountain Biking and Summer Gear at Flatiron SportsSummertime in Crested Butte is truly paradise on earth. During the Summer months, Flatiron Sports offers a full fleet of mountain bike rentals, gear and equipment, outdoor and casual clothing, maps, trail information and lift tickets, and winter equipment/apparel on sale. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information:  970-349-6656

Mountain Bike Rental Packages

Flatiron Sports carries a variety of Kona bikes, Santa Cruz bikes, Trek bikes, and Electra. Our team will help find the perfect match for you, whether you want to take it nice and easy on some gentle rolling trails, or charge it down the mountain!

Hard Tail Mountain Bikes
Trex X Caliber 7, Kona Fire Mountain, Kona Blast
$29.95/half day

Junior Mountain Bike
Kona Shred 20, Shred 24, Kona Makena 20, Kona Hula 24
$14.95/half day

Full Suspension Cross Country Mountain Bikes (Advanced)
Santa Cruz Heckler, Santa Cruz Bronson, Kona Process 134
$45.95/half day

Downhill/Gravity Bikes
Santa Cruz V-10 Carbon, Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon
$69.95/half day

Jr. Downhill/Gravity Bikes
Kona Stinky 24
$39.95/half day

Bike Trailer
Bike trailers attach to the back of a full-sized adult bike and are designed to carry up to two small children. Let your kiddos sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery while you get a great cardio workout!
$10.95/half day

A tagalong is a kid-sized half bike that attaches to a full-size adult bike, creating a tandem! Your child will get plenty of exercise and can fully participate in your next biking adventure. For children over 5 – dependent on ability.
$5.95/hr $19.95/day

Helmet + Elbow/Knee Guards

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