Ski and Snowboard Maintenance and Repairs

Crystal Inline Glide

Skiing is a blast: that we know, but it can be even more fun when your equipment is tuned and maintained properly. Are your skis in need of a tune-up? Are your bindings giving you a hard time?  Flatiron Sports’ staff of experienced skiers and snowboarders is here to help you with all of your ski and snowboard maintenance and repairs in Crested Butte.

Flatiron Sports has once again invested in new equipment to make sure that we have the very best that the ski industry has to offer. With the new ski shapes and rocker technology, it is even more important to have this advanced technology to make the skis and snowboards work as they were designed. Specifically, we have purchased a Montana MCS 2000 edge beveller. It is a ceramic belt and platen grinder to leave a precision side edge bevel on the ski. We normally start with a 1/2 degree base bevel and a 2 degree side edge bevel. This is the same technology that is used in Montana’s Sport International robots that each ski manufacturer uses to finish their skis coming off the production line. Our lead technician, Brock Smith, tuned skis on the World Cup Ski Circuit and is very excited about our new machine and the product we can offer you.

Our Montana Crystal Glide Finish machine is the top of the line in ski and snowboard repair.  From a hot wax to a blown out edge, we have the expertise to provide you with the best equipment service on the mountain.

Flatiron Sports’ was voted “Best Ski Tuners” in the Crested Butte News’ “Best of the Butte” poll. Come see for yourself why we are #1 on the mountain!

Services We Offer:

Roller Wax

Hot Wax
Ironed in, premium Swix wax. Brushed and scraped.

Adjust & Test

Mount & Test
DIN setting is determined by height, weight, boot sole length, age and skiing ability. The bindings are then tested on our Huber Tester, which measure the DCM and twist and torque to align with the binding manufacturer’s requirements.

Edge & Wax
This process involves the de-burring of the base and side edges with diamond stones, a file and/or side edging machinery. This improves the ski-ability by removing the imperfections on the edges that improve the turns’ shape. Wax is ironed in, premium Swix wax. Skis are brushed and scraped.

Crystal Glide
This factory fresh finish is created by our Montana Stone Grinder. Most skis will get initial passes through the belt side of the Inline Grinder. The skis or snowboard are then passed through a series of computer controlled executions of the stone side of the Montana that flattens the ski/board and begins to build the structure of the base. Structure refers to the pattern generated by the stone that makes a ski/board glide smoothly across the snow. Finished with a hand bevel, stone and premium Swix wax.

Hand “Race” Tune Contact the tune room for more details

Base Extrusions
Base extruding involves laying down a thin layer of polyethylene for smaller repairs.

Base Weld
Base welding covers core shots and deeper repairs.

Our promise to you
We wax every night and try to predict the snow temperature for the following day. There are times that we don’t accurately predict the temperature range. If you feel that your wax isn’t perfect, we will try again at no charge to you!

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